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If you have tried ‘everything under the sun’ and are still finding it difficult to get ‘un-stuck’ you’re in the right place!

I help my clients release the past and unblock their ‘stuck’ present moments by taking the ‘dark clouds’ away, energetically.  What I’ve learned has been from many Healers, Teachers, Ascended Masters and Avatars.  These amazing Angels, Teachers and Guides have helped me over the years to my own healing.  It is with their constant help and support of the Divine that I am able to do this work.  To learn more about the story of how Lifeline Healing came to be, please visit my BLOG by clicking here.

I consider it an honor and a blessing to work with each individual client. This work is deep. I believe we don’t attract what we want, we attract who we are! It’s so important to do the healing work and let go of the old hurt, the old pain, the old sadness. When we heal, we sore like huge hot air balloons, being set FREE of the cords and cement blocks that held us down for so long! Join me for healing as we shift the ‘stuck energy’, out of your vibration so you can live the life of your dreams.

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