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 – Do you feel ‘someone is watching you’ while you are in your home or at your office?  

– Do you feel like you live with ‘many’ different people when it comes to a loved one or spouse?  Is there a lot of anger coming from the person, who seemed to change as if  ‘overnight’?

– Do you feel ‘uneasy’ at night or hear noises in your home that make you feel uncomfortable?

 Negative Non physical energies, sometimes referred to as ‘entities’ can attach to us at anytime.    They can also be in our homes, already having established themselves to the property, even if we are unaware of them.

Not ‘all’  non physical entities are negative.  However, sometimes, non physical spirits get ‘stuck’ and are unable to ‘move-on’ and although they mean no harm to anyone, because they are not specifically ‘assigned’ to us, there can be a reverse effect on us, leaving us physically, emotionally and spiritually drained, not to mention the effect this can and usually does have on others in the home.

If you feel you have a non physical entity or earth bound spirit in your home, call me directly at TIE-PEACE-IN.

I have direct experience clearing the most negative energies out of homes and businesses.  

I welcome your call to discuss coming to your home or office and clearing the energy, releasing non-physical entities and allowing your space to become ‘safe’  again.   If you are interested in this service, the cost is $333 flat fee.  Just click on the ONLINE PAYMENT within the menu at the top of the page or within the drop down menu  and select “Home Clearing.”

Much love and many blessings,