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I work with many Angels, Avatars, Ascended Masters, Healers and Teachers (Lao Tzu, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, etc.) from this realm and other realms.  I take direction from the Divine and my many non physical teachers regarding each case. Each case is different and unique.

This has been a life long journey of learning —and about 27 years of personal healing…from a brain tumor to many on duty injuries (during my career as a Deputy Sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department) and learning how to heal my own body first.  Then, in 2012, I was told to step into this path completely and to start Lifeline Healing.  So this, is exactly what I have done.

Since stepping into this work full time,  I have been taught through the work, and my own healing has continued on a deeper, energetic level as well.

I’m in the process of writing a book about this journey which will be called “From Cop To Healer; Cindy Sommer’s incredible journey of LISTENING and this, is primarily what I do; I listen.  I have also been ‘called’ and set apart, as a Healer, and given the ability to shift things that no longer serve the highest and best good of all who come to me for help.  There are certain requirements, and I only shift what is going on now or what has happened in the past.  As I do this, I have been given instruction to teach and empower each client to utilize their own strength within, as I firmly believe that we are all equipped with everything we need.

In a sense, I don’t see sickness at all.  I’ve learned to the ‘Divine,’ there is no difference in conditions, such as an addiction, a broken bone, or Cancer. It’s as if I were to tell you to raise you hands high above you head and look forward and I placed a new hundred dollar bill in one hand and a new ten dollar bill in the other.  If I asked you to describe what was in each hand by the ‘feel’ of the paper, you would describe the same thing in both hands.  This is how I see things.  There is no difficulty in healing.  Until we assign a value to something, whether it is a note of money or condition of sickness, (mental, physical, spiritual etc) it is all the same.  It is all energy.

I also do a lot of teaching and coaching during the process of healing because my goal, at the end of working with you, is to have an empowered you who not only knows how strong and powerful you are, but who never gives that power away again through default. We are either creating as a ‘deliberate creator’ or we are creating by ‘default.’ Much of why we do this, is a lack of understanding and own cultural conditioning. Once the understanding is heightened, your vibration will naturally rise and I’m able to shift things permanently with the help of the Divine.

I help you by removing the energetic obstacles and blocks which can prevent you from achieving and living a life full of freedom, joy, abundance and health.

If this resonates with you and you would like to know more about how LIFELINE HEALING can help you, please send me an email here.

You can also reach me direct by calling TIE-PEACE-IN. I will return your call within 12-24 hours.  If you are serious about beginning this journey, simply click on the ONLINE PAYMENT tab within the menu at the top of the page. Once I see you’ve made a commitment to this process, I will email you for your availability and we’ll get started on your path to freedom right away!

If you would like more information about how Lifeline Healing came to be, please read my blog at

Fees For Services:

I have been working with people for ‘free’ for many years now, and earned my ‘living’ in the Security Field since age 17.  However, now that I have been called to do my life’s work, as a full-time healer, I have been given ‘permission’ if you will,  that it is “OK”  for healers to charge for healing services.  I was told it is comparable to any spiritual and or religious body, where those who can pay will also be helping me to provide the services for those who cannot.

After much meditation, I have come to understand it is the payment of some, and the donations of others, that allow me to serve in healing full time.

If you are interested in my services, please click on the ONLINE PAYMENT tab to the top right hand corner of this website.  The link will open and you can choose which services you would like from there.

My intention is to work with those who are ‘ready and open’ for a healing.  It is not me working….I am the facilitator of this gift.  I believe ALL healing is up to the client.  I facilitate the shift.   I take healing very seriously and dedicate much  time and energy to each client before, during and after each session to ensure the highest results.

IF YOU ARE OUT OF THE COUNTRY and want to make payment, please transfer using InterACT, or PayPal in US FUNDS.  Thank you!

Donations to help others – I offer services to anyone who is in need, however the only way I am able to do this is through the generous donations of others.  If you would like to be instrumental in the healing of others,  please click on the ONLINE PAYMENT tab above and select any service with the amount you would like to donate.  In the notes or contact information, you can specify to whom you would like your gift to go to.  If you do not specify i will choose someone who has reached out for services and cannot pay and apply your generous donation in that direction.

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** There is a no refund policy and all appointments must be paid in advance to secure your time**  Appointments missed are considered completed unless rescheduled in advance.