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After being on the road for the past five and a half months, I returned to Lexington, KY to my little place which is affectionately called “The Angel’s Cove” Most of my plants had died although I did have two people who came often to water them. It was the cold I’m sure, as Lexington had experienced one of the harshest winters in years, so while I was in sunny Sarasota, Florida, my plants were not having the ‘best of times.’

The first night I arrived home, I walked around my apartment and just cried. They were tears of gratitude and appreciation. There are so many things here at home that I’m grateful for. The Spirit in the Angel’s Cove is literally OFF THE CHARTS, and the moment I walked in, I felt that powerful Spirit again, as if for the first time.

I moved here to Lexington, KY from California in October of 2011. I was compelled to come here and most everyone who knew me, did not understand it at the time. I only knew, I had to get here. So after weeks of this overwhelming feeling to “Move To Kentucky!” I asked my Angels and Guides to provide the way. The way came 30 minutes later in a text message from a friend who had a job opportunity and the funds necessary to make the move were provided, in the blink of an eye. That’s how things happen with the Divine; quickly, easily and effortlessly. When I arrived here, I knew I was HOME. I had lived in several places since 2007, and although I called each place home, it didn’t feel like it at all. I didn’t put any pictures up on the walls or even decorate as I wanted to deep down. There was just something that said, “Nope, this isn’t it. Not yet.” So, this place in Kentucky, has a very special meaning to me. It’s not just this simple little apartment. It is my HOME.

As I walked around my place, there are many quotes everywhere, from Bible quotes, to Angel Card quotes, Wayne Dyer quotes and even Einstein quotes. There is literally something to read at every corner, even as I walk out the door.

After being here a few days, I bought some seeds to plant some garden plants for my little porch, which does turn into quite the little garden for me by mid summer. I’m pretty good with plants and love to continuously cultivate and care for them. I take great pride in gardening.

After I planted numerous seeds for my little garden, it was time to wait and be patient for these seeds to start growing. It’s been three weeks now and the seeds have really started to grow. Many of those little plants are now 3-4″ tall and they are looking great!

So many things in my life are very similar to this process. So many things reminding me to be patient, not just with others, but with MYSELF. It is so important to be patient with the self and allow ourselves to be taught by the hand of the Divine, for this is where all true peace really comes from.

We are taught, in this world that you must “see it to believe it” and yet, that really isn’t the way it works at all, is it? I planted those seeds with faith knowing that if all the right cooperative components were given, the seeds would grow, and they have. They will continue to grow as they are given the necessary ingredients to thrive; water, sunlight, soil, and love. It doesn’t take much for them to really flourish, does it? It is the same for each one of us. Each day, we are given another opportunity to pick up the ingredients or tools that will help us ‘thrive’ or, just “survive.” What is your intention? Now, think about what kind of tools you are picking up.

Here are some things that I do. They are suggestions. They are the tools I use. I turn up the volume on these things when I am feeling a bit ‘off’ or ‘out of sorts’ and eventually, I get back on the path of ‘thriving’ and feeling great. Sometimes, it may take a few minutes and other times, it may take considerably more of an deliberate effort. It doesn’t take long anymore as I recognize the signs and symptoms of being ‘off,’ or ‘out of the vortex’ as Abraham-Hicks would say, fairly quickly. So I thought I would share my core thriving ingredients with all of you.  These are my tools/core ingredients.

1. Prayer
I am in constant prayer. I’m in constant conversation with my Spirit Guides, my Angels and with God, or Source. And if it’s not a conversation, I’m calling forth what I need in a spiritual mind treatment, which is a very powerful kind of prayer. ‘Spiritual mind treatment’ or ‘prayer treatment’ works for me. I learned this while attending Centers For Spiritual Living back in 2007 and I continue to use this type of prayer many times throughout the day. I’ve included a link here for more information on what this is and how to utilize this powerful form of prayer.

2. Water
The first thing I go for when I know I’m feeling off, after saying a deep prayer, is WATER. I simply say, “Ok, how much water have you really been drinking?” to myself. If I’m honest with myself, and don’t count the two or three cups of coffee because ‘there’s water in it,’ I will always find that I’m low on my water intake. Water is EVERYTHING. Water helps to ground and center and this is what all of us need, more water. It’s the first discussion I have with someone who comes to me for any type of healing work. How much water are you drinking? Here’s an amazing video by Dr. Emoto on the powerful experiments with water

3. Sage
I sage a number times throughout the day to keep not only the energy of myself clean but also that of my home, aka The Angel’s Cove. With the healing work I do, it is imperative that I release any energies I may have picked up while outside or at the store, or even when someone comes to visit. Sage is very powerful. I use white sage and buy it from an online reputable source in bundles of two. It’s also much cheaper to buy online. Here’s where I purchase my sage from.  I’ve never had any problems with quick turnaround from this seller on

4. Support System of Friends and Family
When I have those ‘moments’ and trust me, I do, I reach out to trusted friends who are sure to say only a few known responses. I trust these people. These are my closest friends and family who truly know who I am and will constantly LIFT me up by listening, but mostly, by helping me RE-direct my thoughts and reminding me of the simple things I am sharing with you today. Friends are POWERFUL so choose those whom you trust with prayer. Those who side with your depression, and join in with the discussion of ‘how bad it is’ are not those people I’m talking about. I’m talking about your closest BEST FRIENDS who know your strengths and truly appreciate who you are. THEY are the ones who say, “You’ve got this! You can do it! I believe in you!” and yet, they know how to listen and validate to a certain point. They are excellent listeners but also understand that what we put our attention to expands. They ‘get it’ and you can see the example in their lives because THEY ARE ALSO THRIVING or on the path to thriving.

5. Sunlight and Nature
Get outside! Go for a walk and look at the beauty that surrounds you. Find it in nature. Find it in the flowers, the blades of grass and the trees. The trees will call out to you and they will help you. Find a tree to work with you. You will know it when you see it. Simply say, “Will you work with me?” Put your spine up to the tree and lean into it. Allow the tree to fuse with your spine and simply release all things that no longer serve your highest and best good into the tree. I do an in depth guided meditation called the Cleanse & Clear and have helped many people learn to work with trees. Whether it is energetically during a meditation or in person in your back yard, working with a tree is POWERFUL! Call me and I can assist you with this, until I write about it in detail here on one of my posts.

5. Exercise
This is important to the body as sunlight is to plants. Get moving…somehow. Even if you just take a few short walks outside, just get moving. It helps with circulation and is so good for overall balance.

6. Laughter
Find someone to laugh with. If you don’t have someone near you, utilize the internet and watch something FUNNY. Ellen is famous for having guests on her show that do hidden camera, hidden earpiece segments that are hilarious and spontaneous. Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to watch something or read something that makes you LAUGH OUT LOUD. Here’s a link from the Ellen show that I love!

7. Meditating Regularly
This is something that took me years to start but once I did, I was hooked. I could never sit still and quiet my mind, so I started with Jappa meditation. Wayne Dyer has a fabulous CD called Meditations for Manifesting that introduces Jappa or sound meditation. He also has another very good meditation called “Getting into the gap” that also uses Jappa meditation and visualization process to help the mind quiet. Here’s a link to a free youtube video that is very helpful.

Another VERY POWERFUL Meditation tool I use is Wayne Dyer’s “I AM THAT Meditation” … check it out here:  I utilize this I AM meditation music not only when I want to meditate and manifest something, but also as background music when I am writing or just needing peace.

Check out the Lifeline Healing FREE WEEKLY MEDITATION GROUP that is offered every Saturday at 11:15 AM  This is open to all via  If you are interested, please email me at or sign up via the Facebook Event Page!

Utilize The Cleanse & Clear Guided Meditation Workshop which is offered every other week via the internet/phone also using the GoToMeeting Application.  This is low cost at $35./person! If you’d like to try this, sign up via the ONLINE PAYMENT tab at the top right corner of this site.  All events are listed on the USA & Canada Tour Dates and there is always a Facebook Event Page updated regularly. If you don’t have access to Facebook, just text me at TIE-PEACE-IN and I’ll be happy to let you know when the next Guided Meditation is scheduled.

8. Sleep
How much sleep are you getting? This varies for all of us but I know when I’ve pushed myself too hard. Taking time to rest or laying down for a NAP is sometimes all I need. Try inserting a 20-30 minute nap into your schedule. Say a prayer before you lay down and set your intention for a restful, deep and peaceful sleep. Turn off the distractions (phone etc) and dim the room where you are going to rest. Close the curtains and get comfortable. Say to yourself, “I’m worth this. I will work better when my body is rested. It is my intention to sleep peacefully for the next 30 minutes” and then, allow and watch what happens. If your mind is too busy, utilize the “I AM That” meditation music to help soothe and relax yourself. Just listen and allow. You’ll be asleep before you know it, and you will feel better when you wake up. Here’s a great article that helps us understand what happens to the body while we are sleeping:

9. Eating healthy
This goes along with everything else and certainly is not ‘last’ on the list of importance. Eat healthy = live healthy. Veggies, fruit and less meat (just my opinion here) allows us to have more balance in our lives. I love this little video about eliminating the ‘junk’ and clearing our pineal gland so we can become more intune and open up the ‘third eye.’ Check it out:

These basic tools are the water, the soil, the sunlight, the air, the vitamins for me in my life as they are to the plants I’ve planted in my little garden. They are my core ingredients for thriving.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and it has helped you in some way. Please share this post with your friends by clicking at the bottom share button.

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I welcome your comments and feedback here. Thank you so much for stopping and taking the time to read this!

Much love and many blessings,


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    •  by  Cindy Sommer

      You are very welcome Shellie! Thanks for your comment here. Please share this site with your friends and family. Thank you again. Much love and many blessings! Cindy

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      You’re very welcome Joanne. Thank you for your comment here. Please share this website with your friends! Much love and many blessings, Cindy

  1.  by  Tiffany

    This article is such truth and a great reminder, as I read the article I stopped and asked myself, how much water have you had?, as this is something I need to be more diligent with. You’re right about nature, every weekend we go hiking as a family and I have seen such beauty and I feel an energy that feels like a fresh breath to the soul. It’s a great article!

    •  by  Cindy Sommer

      Thank you for your feedback here! So grateful this served to lift you higher. Thanks again!
      Much love and many blessings,

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