Jul 3, 2015 Nicholas John Muha wrote:

I felt a warmth go through my body and target that area. Until my entire body felt light, and soothing from all the energy that was flowing through it.

A testimonial of John’s first experience with The Cleanse & Clear in a Group Meditation at The White Flame Company in Ontario Canada:

I started on a beach; my own private beach with no one in sight. The sand was hot, and the sun was blazing as it shined down upon me. Though, the breeze was cool and soothing as it whistled around me. But, in the distance I saw a chair in the sand, and beside that chair was a piece of canvas with a paint brush. So, I walked over to it, and when I got there I noticed it was facing the horizon. So, I sat down and a voice started telling me to paint a brain. Not, just any brain, but a picture of my brain. But, I couldn’t find any paint, anywhere. So, I took that paint brush, held it in the air to the sky and a bolt of lightning struck the paint brush giving it a color. Then I applied that color to my painting, and found that with each bolt of lightning I had enough paint for a single stroke for my masterpiece. But, when the lightning stopped and my picture was done, it looked nothing like a brain. It was a picture of a golden cup. This cup sort of looked like the holy grail. It was a sturdy golden cup that was surrounded by a bright white light. When I looked closer, the cup moved, so I took my hand, reached into the painting and took the cup out of the painting. At this point, I was holding it in my hand. It was solid, and had some decent weight to it. I then stood up and started to walk down to the water. I walked along the beach until I came to a rocky shoreline. I stopped, then walked into the water.. just where the shore waves came in and touched my feet. An, as the tide came in each time; the water brushed up against my feet and the cup itself. As I was enjoying this moment, I then looked down and saw a wand, and some kind of liquid in the cup. I picked it up and when I took the wand out, it had a circular end on it and some liquid trapped inside.. so I blew the liquid out (like I was blowing bubbles) and little objects floated.. like flat small mirrors; each projecting a different memory. Some of the memories were with family that has passed, some were when I was younger, some were with family recently that I’ve lived. All good, comforting memories. At this time I felt a ton of love surrounding me. I then placed the cup back down in the sand, and it sank and disappeared.
I then turned around and there was an object coming down from the sky, it was a hot air balloon. As I sat there, I paid attention to its design as it landed. I noticed it was all leather, and brown in color. When it landed the door swung wide open. So, I walked up to the hot air balloon and sat down. The door closed, and I looked up and I saw this big flame, and mechanism that kept blowing fire upwards. Then I saw a small ball of light that was above my head, it started the size of a pea, and got bigger, so big that myself and the entire air balloon was surrounded by it. Then the wind picked up and the balloon took off. We started rising fast into the sky, where the ground kept getting smaller and smaller until I was so high, what I thought was ground was me staring down at earth. I was amazed by what it looked like so high in the sky. But, then I hit a patch of clouds, and saw a tunnel. The tunnel was filled and over pouring with light bright light. So, the balloon got to the entrance and flew through the tunnel.. I was going to fast, it felt like hyper speed (flash of a second). My cheeks were flapping and huge gusts of wind were hitting against me. It just felt so peaceful and relaxing. I felt free like I was flying like a bird. Then, we reached the opening, and the balloon began to drop, until we landed at the base of a mountain.
When the balloon came to a complete stop, I looked around the inside of the balloon, reached under my seat and found a whole bunch of supplies. I had a backpack, climbing shoes, spikes for my feet, rope, climbing gear, and a good helmet with a light on it. I grabbed everything, equipped it and saw a path that led up the mountain. So, I started along the path and half way up the mountain the path stopped. It appeared to be very rocky, with rough jagged edges which stopped me from going forward. So, I asked the mountain, show me my path, and pieces of stone started shooting out of the mountain which was creating a new path, a new way to get up the mountain. So, I used my arms and legs and climbed up the mountain easily with the new path created. One by one a new rock (stone) would emerge out of the side of the mountain to make it easy for me to get up. But, before I got to the top I noticed a ledge. On the ledge was an old oval-shaped door. It was covered in vines, and the walls around the door were stone blocks. So I jumped on the ledge, looked at the door and then it immediately opened. I then walked through the door and it looked like cool caves that led to multiple directions. An, the walls were stone walls, with different kinds of gems (different colors) that shined (like someone put a flash light right behind them)and created shapes and different lights all over the place… I then noticed a long later that went up and small misty stream that was hot and steamy like a cave hot spring. The place was steamy and bright inside there. So, I then walked up to the latter and began to climb to the top, but when I got to the top of the latter the hatch was shut. So, I asked two guides to open the hatch and join me on the top of the mountain. I asked for Jesus, and St.Francis. So, the hatched opened and climbed on top. I payed attention to the sky and clouds and the valley surround us. It was so peaceful and loving. I then asked for anyone in my past lives, or people I know and their past lives to come forward and join me on the mountain for a group healing. Once I asked this the mountain begun to expand; it doubled in size, and along the edge, plant life sprouted and trees and bushes and boulders appeared. Once, everyone had landed, the outer edges began to fill up with animals. All the animals started to come out until they formed an outer ring around St.Francis, Jesus, myself and all the spirits and people who joined me for this healing. Then I looked up into the sky… the sky started changing colors and a bright white beam came down and went right through me; filling me up and surrounding me with white light. At this time, I felt my body as really light, joyful and a warm sensation flew through my entire body. Once this was done I asked everyone that was there, that we must be vibrating on a high frequency and anyone who doesn’t wish to do so for this healing must leave now. So, some left, but most of the people stayed. I then raised up my hand and held it in the sky. At the same time St.Francis and Jesus did the same thing so that all 3 of our hands were touching together. Then a green bright ball of light formed. An, as the white beam of light was coming down from the sky to heal the other people, our green light emerged with that white light and together the entire place lit up. We were all surrounded by white and green light. At this point all the animals were making noises and sounds (talking) and my body felt very light and peaceful. Once that was completed, I turned around and an elevator came down from the sky…
The elevator was a small box with a cord that was stretchy and dangling. The elevator came to a stop and the doors slid right open. I then stepped in and pushed the button to go to the 15th dimension. In a blink of an eye the elevator shot up in lightning speed and we arrived. The doors swung open, and I was standing in front of a field. An, in the far distance I saw a big screen. That screen was playing like a film strip/small broken images of people I had to forgive and painful times that I lived or anger and pain that I had to let go… But as I looked to my right a huge Plough with a dump bucket on the back appeared. I then climbed up it and sat down on the seat and started ploughing away. Each memory that I saw on that screen, was a stride forward with my plough. An, all the shit that has to be released was scoped up by the plough and sent to the back of the dump bucket at the back of my plough. I did this until the field was done and I felt that all had been finished. I then got off the plough, and it shrank into a small silver clay ball. I then picked it up with my left hand, cradled it with my right hand. In the near distance I saw a wall, it looked very high and was made of stacked stone blocks. An, there were a few old-fashioned light (torches) that were lit. So, I walked on over, and with my right hand tossed the clay ball upwards, until it grew wings and flew on over the wall, and out of sight. I then turned around and another plough formed. But, this time it was a bigger one, with turbo fuel jets on the back. So I climbed up and looked at my field and saw boulders and very course objects all over the field (this resembled karma – I envisioned all the karma I brought into my life and all the things I’ve done to attract it, so that it would be released and changed so that I could move forward from this point on). So, again I rode my plow, clearing the way, and sending all those objects into the back of my bin. I did this in a blink of an eye and everything was cleared and sent to the back of the plow bin. the items were thrown through the shoot, landed on a conveyor belt and moved past me and into the bin, never to be seen again. I then jumped down, and again the plough shrunk into a small silver clay ball. So I walked up to the ball, and picked it up with my left hand, and put it into my right. I then walked over the wall again, looked up the wall and threw the ball of clay with my right hand far upwards when it grey a pair of wings and flew far upwards and over the wall and out of sight. Once this happened, I felt light and my mind as at ease. I then turned around and my elevator was waiting for me, this time the level 21 was selected, and was lit up and ready for take off… So I walked over, alone and stepped into the elevator…
The elevator, was slim and everything happened so quick I didn’t have a chance to inspect inside. Before I knew it the elevator stopped, doors slide open and my grandpa (moms dad) and my grandma (dads mom) were there to greet me. Amazed that they were there to join me, I held their hands and walked in the jungle.. there was an amazing little stream with small bridges to let you cross to the other side and back. There was birds chirping and animals all over the place. It felt like my private oasis, far up in the clouds. But, when I looked up and into the distance I saw a Huge Bonzia tree. This tree was massive and was covered in vines, with a nice mist that surrounded the tree with fireflies all over the tree. It was like they were brightening up everything. So, we walked over to the tree and at the base of the tree was a large stone bench. We sat down on the bench and then I called St.Francis to come join us. So, in the distance a Large deer came out of the bushes, but showed himself and stopped. I then saw a very bright light to my right and looked over. I was so amazed.. A large Unicorn stepped out of the light, and it was glowing very bright. I took a good look at him, and looked back at St.Francis and he just viewed everything in the distance. So, I stood up and walked to the Unicorn.. I wish I had touched him, but at this time I just watched him. An, took in the fresh air and watched the animals as they all came out, and made lots of noise. This is the time when Cindy started doing blueprint healing. I then stood still, and the unicorns white energy surrounded me. It felt amazing. An, as Cindy targeted each body part that was sore and needed healing, ***I felt a warmth go through my body and target that area. Until my entire body felt light, and soothing from all the energy that was flowing through it.*** Once, that was done I looked up at the tree, took appreciation for all that has happened, and turned around. An, there it was my hot air balloon.. waiting for me. But, at that time, I felt like I didn’t need it. I began to rise up off the ground like I was a bird and began to fly. I was flying so fast through the sky, at lightning speed, and saw everything below me whip right by at such fast speeds, until I saw my house beneath me. So, I stopped and landed down on my street and walked up to the door and walked right in, and downstairs to where I was laying down. I came right to the spot where I was and saw my body laying there. I then laid back down into my body, and woke up slowly. I got all feeling back into my fingers, and was in amazement of the wonderful journey I was on and how it touched me in many different ways.”

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