Jul 07, 2013 Lisa Tracy wrote:

As a girl, I was introduced to Jesus the Christ Consciousness, by my father here on earth. I knew Him – I had spent time with Him before I came to earth, and He comforted my childlike soul. As I grew older and my eyes were opened to the reality of life in apartheid South Africa, Nazi Germany and other atrocities and suffering, I kept looking back at Jesus and wondering how on earth His children could have fallen so far into the abyss of despair and destruction. As a young woman, and into my thirties, I searched the world over for an answer to end pain and suffering – in myself – in others. I was blessed and traveled through 16 countries, my eyes wide open and my heart on search mode. After I was married, the search intensified – there was a lot of pain in that marriage. Following the birth of Wisdom, my precious daughter, my quest to dissolve my personal pain and the pain I felt and saw in others became my mission, because this magnificent child of Heaven and others like her bore the brunt of the ignorance that pervaded humankind. After decades of searching, when I couldn’t find the answers anywhere on earth, out there among the Milky Way, or in galaxies of promise, or within the golden pages of ancient manuscripts, I finally had no choice but to turn inward – in towards myself – into the illuminated illustrious and divine temple that is my Soul. This happened gradually over time, and then suddenly, in December 2012, I stood in the forest and gazed towards Heaven on that prophesied day, the 21st, the Summer Solstice, and I prayed: Divine Mother, Divine Father and Divine Lord who became incarnated to show us what Love is – come to me and take my hand – show me the way Home for my soul is lonely and broken. All of my illusions have been shattered and I am left on my knees, aching for solace…cleanse me of all that does not serve me, cleanse me, restore my soul and then use me as your Divine Vessel here on earth to bring peace and love to all I encounter.

Looking back from that beautiful, sanctified day, I can see how I was borne on a pulsating, vibrant, exquisite frequency of warm light to the point where I reached out to Cindy, my Earth Angel sister, and placed my trust in her. I am ready, I told her, work your magic Sista! Well, it isn’t magic. It is Love. Cindy serves as a willing, human instrument through which our Divine Mother, Father and Jesus work to shine that pure, quantum, perfect light, that is the Light of Love – a Light so pure that it burns through any and all impurities in our spirits, souls, minds and bodies – Come with me while I take you on that sacred path that I was blessed to travel with Cindy where my soul was purged, cleansed and then bathed in Divine Love. ~I was advised to drink a LOT of water! And of course this makes sense as we humans are made up of more than 57% water in our bodies (Arthur Guyton), which facilitates vital basic functions for the existence and function of our physical and spiritual anatomy. ~Cindy invoked the protection, love and guidance of my personal favourite Divine Guru, Christ Consciousness and our Angels…this helped me feel secure and safe. She also suggested I look around and see those Loved Ones who had already passed and were now here to encourage and comfort me through this process – I looked around and behind me and saw my grandmother and grandfather, my cousin, Michael, a young man whom I had loved and lost as a young woman, and many others who loved me…it was incredible – no wonder I couldn’t lose the smile! ~She then guided me to breathe deeply and become completely relaxed. ~A silly smile spread on my face and I just observed it, amused that it clearly wasn’t going anywhere! ~Then I was on a luminescent beach with my toes and feet sinking into warm, moist sand – I was being grounded – Wow! I smelled the sea air, heard the seagulls and tasted the salt water on my lips – and yet, I was seated in a chair in my cabin in the woods of British Columbia! (I know, right!) ~Once Cindy felt that I was deeply grounded and centred, she began the guided meditation or visualization….all the while I felt safe, bathed in warm sunlight on that beach in the spiritual realm, surrounded by angels as my soul was purged, washed out, had all impurities seared away painlessly by the Divine Light of Love, and then softly and gently infused with Golden, Pure, Radiant, Vibrant, Perfect Love and Light. I watched it all, as if my spirit sat next to me all the while, comforting and encouraging me all through the process. After the cleansing, we travelled to a viewpoint looking at our Beloved Mother Earth from a distance, and once again I was reminded to look around me- Well, what Joy! My grandmother and grandfather embraced me, all the loved ones who had passed, all my guardian angels and others who loved me, embraced in in turn…and then out of the boundless, vast beauty of time and space, my adored, magnificent, brilliant Love, Alpha, my German Shephard-Timber Wolf came bounding over and knocked me off my feet. He had gone over to the other side last year and I have not recovered from the grief….then we were rolling around together in space, him licking me and barking and “talking” in his dog/wolf way and oh my God, it was Magic – Divine Magic! When Cindy guided me back to earth, Alpha’s spirit came with me and he is here with me now. He wants to run with me every morning! Isn’t that Awesome??? ~Cindy brought me back gently into my body. I became present into my body and the moment in a slow, peaceful way.
Intrinsically, I knew and I continue to know, that since this cleansing, and into all the moments of present time to come, that I am aware, awake, and most importantly, open, clean and able to honour my own energy and vibration and allow Divine Love to work through me. If distractions or barriers surface, I deal with them – we deal with them. I know that now my daughter is safe and protected by Divine Love and that we are One – she is in my heart and I am in hers. I can love her, feel her and mother her in my heart and soul. She is a divine part of this majestic, blessed Fabric of Life woven and held together by Divine Unconditional Love.

I have no doubt that Cindy is blessed by our Divine Mother and Father and through Christ Consciousness, to help us shake off the scales of ignorance, depression, anxiety and fear and embrace our true spiritual nature of Love. We are not free until we are master of our thoughts and emotions. Until we remember that the Holy Temple of Love, Light and Knowledge is within us…and then we can truly experience this life, free, unencumbered by trauma, pain, suffering and other entities who try to feed off our energy.

Thank you and Bless you, Dearest Soul Sister, for being such a willing vehicle and channel for Divine Love. May many souls be guided to you and may we all rejoice in the abundance of love, forgiveness, and restoration that is ours by Divine Right and brought to us through your willingness to serve.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010) “Behold, I stand at the door and I shall knock. If a man listens to my voice and will open the door, I also shall come in and I shall have supper with him, and he with me.” Yashuah, Jesus, the Christ Consciousness.

-Lisa Tracy-


British Columbia

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