Mar 26, 2013 Cheryl Buley wrote:

Cindy arrived at my door in the pouring rain looking for a lost Westie dog and I was immediately receptive to learning more about her and what she does. Her gift is difficult to put into words because she’s more about feeling and energy. She’s more about channeling mind, body and spirit in order to reach and put into practice your highest and best purpose. Cindy is spiritual, caring, and intelligent. I’m honored to know her. I hope you have an opportunity to meet her. When you do, make the most of it. You’ll feel as if you’ve been touched by an angel.

– Cheryl Buley –

2 Comments on “Mar 26, 2013 Cheryl Buley wrote:

  1.  by  Kathy Borcic

    Cindy, I thank God we have you in the world,to help heal people spiritually,mentally,and physically. Last night at White Flame,you gave a guided healing mediation. Well I thought the roof was going to blow off with all that amazing healing energy we were getting throughout the meditation!Thank you so much for sharing your gift to the world. I’ m having trusts/confidence issues with my gift lately, but after last nights healing I’m on my way believing in myself again! So thank you again for an amazing evening! I’m looking forward to reading your books when they come Out and your visit back in Canada at The White Flame.

  2.  by  Cindy Sommer

    Thank you so much Kathy for this testimonial. It was such an amazing experience to be there and meet you and everyone who came out for the workshops. I love The White Flame Co!!! I have reposted it to the fan page. Much love and many blessings! Cindy

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