The Mission of Lifeline Healing is to empower you to reach your full potential by clearing the energetic blocks and obstacles that are either keeping you stuck in the negativity of the past, or keeping you in the anxiety of the future.  This often shows up as illness, serious disease, weight gain, financial limitation or as dysfunction in relationships.  Whatever way your blocks are showing up for you, Lifeline Healing can help by clearing them.


Cindy encourages you to receive your full Akashic Record Reading. Sandy Marshall at Lifeline Healing specializes in this area. Once the records are accessed, Cindy will clear any attachments during a 30 minute phone consult after the reading is completed. Sandy will clear all attachments at the Akashic Record Level.  The Akashic Records give us a deeper look into your life from a Soul Level. You will receive a detailed report via email that is 8-9 pages.  The phone consult will be recorded and sent to you via email. 

NEXT:  Sign up for the CLEANSE & CLEAR Guided Meditation! This ‘Cleanse & Clear’ is the way Cindy prepares each client for further healing work and is mandatory to continue to healing sessions with Cindy. Attending the Cleanse & Clear is low cost in the group format however, it is also offered in a one on one session if this is preferred.

SET ASIDE TIME TO ATTEND THE FREE SATURDAY MORNING MEDITATION:  Sign up for the free Saturday Morning Guided Meditations! These meditations occur every Saturday morning at 11:15 AM.  Send Cindy an email if you are interested in attending or check out the event page on Facebook!

QUESTIONS? Call  “TIE-PEACE-IN” or you can send an email to:   

If you are interested in booking a session with Cindy: Please click on ONLINE PAYMENT at the top of this site or click here. Once you’ve made the commitment with your payment for services, Lifeline Healing will email you a receipt and schedule your appointment.  

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